Monday Evening

The sun came back right around lunchtime today and everything outside warmed up.  Well, that is if you call 53F/12C warm.  I do right now.  I do cuz it seems like forever since our temps like this. Yeh OK they were like this the other week when we/I were/was getting all fired up with the thought of starting my garden but those hopes died with some ugly ass cold temps and that icky bad white stuff.  That’s mostly gone now and I think we’ve seen the last of our single degree temps.

The garden soil is thawing pretty well once again.  It felt awfully cold in my hands when I worked some of the loose stuff with the trowel.  You could dig down and easily find where everything was still frozen.  I removed all of the leaves and hay off of they strawberry bed and sacked that away to be disposed of later.  It was no surprise to find everything still frozen up solid.  It’s a good time to add a new layer of dirt while the bed thaws out.  The plants will work their way to the top in due time, so I’m not worried.

So we have another week of temps in the 30’s and low 40’s to look forward to but the steady temps in the 50’s aren’t too far behind them.  It’s time to start gathering up seeds, building a new bed, filling that and then topping all of the other beds off with some more garden soil.  Ye, I like this time of year.  I’ll like it even better in another month.




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