I reached a milestone today.

And not one that someone would typically celebrate.  No, the milestone that I reached today was the one where I finally could not open a jar of salsa.  So I tried a different jar because I’m sitting here on bread baking day watching “Master and Commander” on HBO and salsa and chips sounded pretty good to me.  The second jar didn’t open either.  So we tried the third and final jar it the seal finally gave way.

My fingers hurt from trying but not as much as my ego.  Yeh, that’s slightly more than bruised right now.  The fingers hurt from a tab bit of arthritis that developed from the sins of my youth.  I can take a little Ibuprofen for that and they’ll feel much better soon.  There’s not much that I can take for the ol’ ego lest it be a bit of rum or maybe some wine later on for my supper.

I went to Amazon and ordered a good jar opener.  Such is life I guess.



19 thoughts on “I reached a milestone today.

    1. being old isn’t because you have arthritis. being old is a state of mind. having arthritis is just something we deal with because we are well used but still productive. we just need a little oiling is all. 😉

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      1. I have knife skills when it comes to slicing and dicing and chopping. this way sounds like an accident of my own making waiting to happen LOL

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  1. As A Perfectmindstorm, noted, all you have to do is break the seal. A butter knife or a plain old can opener under the rim to let a little air in and you’ll hear a pop. Easy to open then. I do it all the time if my strong armed fellow is otherwise busy.

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  2. All you have to do is take a butter knife and put it under the rim of the lid till the seal pops. Works everytime for me. Otherwise I would never be able to open anything.

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