Art Sunday #114: Vincent Van Gogh – Still Life: Vase with Twelve Sunflowers


Sunflowers (original title, in French: Tournesols) are the subject of two series of still life paintings by the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. The earlier series, executed in Paris in 1887, depicts the flowers lying on the ground, while the second set, executed a year later in Arles, shows bouquets of sunflowers in a vase. In the artist’s mind both sets were linked by the name of his friend Paul Gauguin, who acquired two of the Paris versions. About eight months later van Gogh hoped to welcome and to impress Gauguin again with Sunflowers, now part of the painted Décoration for the Yellow House that he prepared for the guestroom of his home in Arles, where Gauguin was supposed to stay. After Gauguin’s departure, van Gogh imagined the two major versions as wings of the Berceuse Triptych, and finally he included them in his Les XX in Bruxelles exhibit.

Van Gogh began painting in late summer 1888 and continued into the following year. One went to decorate his friend Paul Gauguin’s bedroom. The paintings show sunflowers in all stages of life, from full bloom to withering. The paintings were considered innovative for their use of the yellow spectrum, partly because newly invented pigments made new colours possible.

In a letter to Theo, Vincent wrote:

“It’s a type of painting that changes its aspect a little, which grows in richness the more you look at it. Besides, you know that Gauguin likes them extraordinarily. He said to me about them, among other things: ‘that — … that’s… the flower’. You know that Jeannin has the peony, Quost has the hollyhock, but I have the sunflower, in a way.”


16 thoughts on “Art Sunday #114: Vincent Van Gogh – Still Life: Vase with Twelve Sunflowers

    1. Ive been to Amsterdam several times and never once made it to the Van Gogh Museum. it’s on my “Must See” list for the next time that I’m there. “pling”

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      1. I somewhere read about his room and that was special to visit. Don’t remember why the writer of the article thought so, but apparently it was a wow moment even if it was almost empty. His art is probably more interesting to see. “Pling”

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      2. I talked to a twelve year old, they ad a project in school about Van Gogh. The class got one piece each from a picture of a van Gogh painting, that they suppose to interpret and then put together to a whole painting. They don’t know which painting they’ve got the pieces from yet. “Pling”

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    1. the Neue Pinakothek has one of his sunflower paintings but it was closed for cleaning the last time I was in Munich. I’ll have to go back some time.

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