Question for you

So there you are at home all alone for a Saturday night.  Your husband/wife/significant other/no one in particular is gone for the weekend.  Suddenly there is knocking at your front door …


So you ask yourself “Why the h**l aren’t they using the doggone doorbell?” but you answer the door anywho.  Suddenly you find yourself face-to-face with __________ (fill in the blank) who says to you __________ (fill in the blank).

Question:  Who is at the door and what did they say to you?


  • It can’t be someone related to you but it can be an ex.
  • It can’t be your boss or anyone that you work with.
  • It can’t be a politician even though I know some of you would love it to be Donald Trump or Nancy Pelosi or someone like that.
  • It can be a real person or a fictional character.
  • It can even be a dead person but let’s not turn this into an episode of “The Walking Dead

Feel free to stretch out your imagination.

My answer would be:  It was Jason who said “I was the Super Bowl and I was the one that stole Tom Brady’s Super Bowl jersey out of the Patriots locker room.  I think the Feds are on to me.  Can you hide it for me for a while until things cool off??



26 responses to “Question for you

  1. I’d always loved to see the chubby dude who was too cowardice to admit he liked me during high school freshman year to pound on my door and says out of breath, “you were always the one.” Now that would be hilarious. I’d say “um sorry you’re about a decade too late.” 😀

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  2. It’s you and you say ” can I hide out at your place for awhile because the other night I answered the door and there was this hillbilly lady from Arkansas standing on my doorstep with her 15 kids by 13 men and she said “Oh Jim, I finally tracked you down and I have brought all my kids with me because my husband is back in prison and I have been in love with you for years and years and you would make the best daddy to my brood” so can I please please hide out here at your house in the land of eternal summer, I promise to be a good pool boy and bake you fresh bread everyday and by the way, do you still have those old playboy magazines from the plantation, because I could sell them on ebay to finance a trip to Europe where I can watch pretty ladies walking down the street and none of them would be from Arkansas and she could not track me down across the pond”

    Now did you get that? it is two different people talking up there.

    Oh but you better call ahead otherwise I won’t answer the door anyway.

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