20 responses to “A Thought for Saturday

  1. For a genius, even if self-proclaimed, Calvin’s basic humanity never fails to shine through, as evidenced by this completely ‘dumb’ conclusion… Dumb, in that there’s no ‘decision’ involved for any of us; only our ‘human’ nature would think there was, for we are the masters of denial… of reality, of truth if contrary to opinion, of anything we imagine, for we believe our imagination IS reality…. Hell, in this country, people ELECTED someone who believes what he thinks is real, just because he thinks so…

    Silly monkeys…. Reality has a way of asserting itself, no matter how fervently we might wish it to be otherwise….

    But, for a hope, any of which is a denial of reality, it’s a nice, wishful one….


    gigoid, the dubious

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