Friday Night


We have one of Pooh’s blustery evenings tonight in this neck of the Hundred Acre Wood.  The wind is howling and the trees are swaying and rocking back and forth.  This is one of those nights where it will be good to snuggle down in good beneath the covers and stay warm.  Sleep will come easy enough tonight.  The girls and I were wrestling around this afternoon to burn off some of their excess energy.  Each is over 50 pounds each now, so that’s 100+ pounds of kid jumping on my back and hanging on for dear life.  They’re wore out and I’m wore out.  We’ll all sleep good tonight.

Question for you

So there you are walking down a dark street at night all by your onesy getting something they call exercise.  You’re completely minding your own bizness with no thoughts other than when you walk by an occasional front window and think to yourself “OMG!  Put some clothes on or close the curtains.  The image burns my eyes.

Suddenly a yellowish green beam of shine shines down from the heavens and it sucks you off the ground.


You suddenly find yourself standing on an alien spaceship surrounded by these lil’ green guys.  Surprise!!  What appears to be their leader reaches out and does one of those Vulcan Mind Melds in order to let you understand them.  It tells you …


Funny looking Earth creature.  You appear to look somewhat intelligent and not a Republican.  I am the leader of a race of beings known as “The Greenies”.  We are here to give you a choice.  You can either choose to ..

  1. Ask us to make one significant change to this planet in order to improve it.  Or –
  2. We will transport all of the intelligent, sexy people to our planet where the air is clean, the water is pure, food is plentiful, there is no war or hate and you can work to better yourselves since you will never have to work again.  We will provide you with everything.  Oh yeh, don’t worry that we’ll eventually eat all of you.  We’re vegetarians and so are all of the creatures on our planet.  The downside is you would have to become a vegetarian as well.

So the questions are would you take the first or second choice?  What would you have them do if you took the first choice?

Feel free to come up with your answer of choice.  Let your mind and imagination run rampant and unrestrained.

If it were me, I’d be telling all of you that this is a delayed post and I’m already outa here.

Five for St. Patrick’s Day!


Faith and Begorrah we made it to the end of another work week and we get to top it all off by ending it on a St. Patrick’s Day.  How lucky is that?  And how we managed that without having our name read in the mass is totally beyond me.  And (yes there is an “and”) I have today off as well.  Life is good right now.

1.The sun rose big and orange this morning giving this wonderful yellow glow of light that flooded in thru the front window.  It’s gonna be full of heat one of these mornings.  It looks so inviting this morning however.

2. The gummys are spending the afternoon and part of this evening with me since Mom has some volunteer work to do today.  I am deemed “free child watching”.  I hink that if she’s not gonna pay me then she should give me a tip at the very least.  With my luck her tip would be “Don’t let them get their heads together and talk in secret cuz they’re two lil’ hooligans.

3. I’ve decided that I will build a two tier terrace the east side of my berm out behind my place come June.  It will be a huge improvement plus the added bonus is that it will expand out my gardens.  I’m considering making the top tier tea roses but not sure what I’ll do on the bottom tier.  It’s something to think about I guess.  Lots of heavy lifting and exercise to  come and look forward to to get this one done.

4. Doesn’t that “to to” in that last sentence look odd?  The English language is a bit much sometimes.  It’s good thing I speak fluent ‘Murican.  I wonder what I’d sound like if I spoke Spanish?  Would it be Spanish or would it be “Spanurican“?  I have this funny feeling someone from any Spanish speaking country would look at me and think “What the hell kinda accent is that???

5. I had to check Reuters and CNN to see if Trump resigned last night.  He didn’t.  At least I’m doing perty good in my March Madness tournament brackets.  I had 14 of 16 yesterday and in part thanks to Tony’s MTSU Blue Watever-They-Are.  Thanks t-man!  The Goofer fans that I work with have been awfully quiet since that loss.

Woo hoo!  Is it too early for some St. Patrick’s Day beer?  Feel free to comment and/or leave a passionate and overly friendly “Hello” in your native tongue.  Mine would be “Howdy!!!”  Comments are always a good thing.

Someone please check to see if Miss Trudy is still alive in NYC.  I have this odd feeling that some polar bears invaded NYC with that snow and may be chasing her down Broadway.