Question for you.

So it’s been one of those days where it’s been all “Go, go, go” since 6:30 AM (0630) and I didn’t have time for a post other than my daily thought/quote.  So since the sun was out and shining at lunch time (yeh, that can actually happen every once in a while), I decided to take my lunch outside to the brand new park by the new Wells Fargo towers.

So I was sitting there and completely minding my own bizness and being a perfect gentleman (hey! no laughing on that) when suddenly I saw …

__________ (fill in the blank) walked by and __________ (fill in the blank).

Question:  What did I see?

Be creative and use your imagination.  Remember that?  You had one in grade/primary school.  All you WP artistic types should have a field day.

My answer would be “A one star Sneetch walked by and stopped to proudly show off it’s new star to me.”



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I think this is the part where you are to write something clever and witty about yourself. I’m solidly locked in middle age and content with myself. I love to travel to see and experience new things, new foods and new drink. I also like to cook and bake mainly because I like to eat. And I found out that I’m pretty good at both. I'm not a professional blogger nor do I want to be. I'll leave that to others while I'll kick back and post whatever suddenly pops into my brain. I'm more spontaneous anyway. And the rest we’ll just kinda sorta figure out as we go along. Feel free to leave comments or even just to say "Hello". Find me at:

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      1. well that’s what you get for going to Vegas and having one of those wild girl outings. wild girl outings??? why wasn’t I invited? I like wild girls. I coulda fit in. sorta.

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  1. My neighbor Antoine LaBurtiss walk by and asked me if I wanted to go with him to watch the director’s cut of “Ernest Goes to Camp” which now contains 6 minutes of additional never-before-seen footage… and I pretended I was sound asleep…

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  2. I really can’t answer this because the things that went through my head are not fit to be put on a family site like this …..

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