Question for you.

So it’s been one of those days where it’s been all “Go, go, go” since 6:30 AM (0630) and I didn’t have time for a post other than my daily thought/quote.  So since the sun was out and shining at lunch time (yeh, that can actually happen every once in a while), I decided to take my lunch outside to the brand new park by the new Wells Fargo towers.

So I was sitting there and completely minding my own bizness and being a perfect gentleman (hey! no laughing on that) when suddenly I saw …

__________ (fill in the blank) walked by and __________ (fill in the blank).

Question:  What did I see?

Be creative and use your imagination.  Remember that?  You had one in grade/primary school.  All you WP artistic types should have a field day.

My answer would be “A one star Sneetch walked by and stopped to proudly show off it’s new star to me.”