Hump Day Evening


My little science project is progressing fairly well and I am a little smug about this.  Then I remind myself that this is an ordinary grade (primary) school science experiment and that thought pretty well wipes the smugness off of my face.  Ah what the hell, I’m doing gooder here.

It’s time to start thinking long term for my garden this season.  That icky white stuff is slowly receding as the days slowly get longer.  The temps are slowly creeping back up only the forecasted temps in the low 50’s have dropped from the forecast.  It would be nice if the temps would cooperate a little better but we won’t complain.  All in good time and everything in its own time.

In the meanwhile I pulled out my rocking chair so it can sit in the sunlight and thaw out.  It would be nice to be able to use it so I can sit in the warmth of the sun, rock a bit and ponder deep thoughts.  Deep thoughts like “Can I have cake tonight for dessert?



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    1. that would be interesting but I aspire that they multiply into bunches of other potatoes so I can cook them, smash them, cover them in gravy and then eat, eat, eat.

      I know, I know. I’m a plant killer.

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