Hump Day Evening


My little science project is progressing fairly well and I am a little smug about this.  Then I remind myself that this is an ordinary grade (primary) school science experiment and that thought pretty well wipes the smugness off of my face.  Ah what the hell, I’m doing gooder here.

It’s time to start thinking long term for my garden this season.  That icky white stuff is slowly receding as the days slowly get longer.  The temps are slowly creeping back up only the forecasted temps in the low 50’s have dropped from the forecast.  It would be nice if the temps would cooperate a little better but we won’t complain.  All in good time and everything in its own time.

In the meanwhile I pulled out my rocking chair so it can sit in the sunlight and thaw out.  It would be nice to be able to use it so I can sit in the warmth of the sun, rock a bit and ponder deep thoughts.  Deep thoughts like “Can I have cake tonight for dessert?


Question for you.

So there you are … sitting in a dark theater (that would be “Thee- ater” for all ya’ll down south and in particular for those of you in North Carolina) … eating your hot buttered popcorn with a Coke sitting next to you (a real Coke and not one of them Orange ones or Pepsi’s or Sprites) … watching something on the silver screen.  It’s kinda cool there in the dark, huh?  Suddenly, you hear a …

Hey you!  Yeh, you!”

… coming at ya from the silver screen.  Suddenly this 3D arm reaches out of the silver screen, plucks you out of your chair and sucks you right smack dab into the screen.


So what movie, video, cartoon, whatever did you get suck in to?

If it were me, I’d be sucked into that Bugs Bunny movie where a shark is always chasing Yosemite Sam only it ends up chasing me instead.  I don’t live right.


Random Thoughts for Hump Day


Well now, some unfamiliar party did not care for my question yesterday.  Oh well.  I guess I’m a bad man.  You can tell how worked up I am over their disapproval.

What a busy morning.  It’s been “GO!  GO!  GO!” since 6:15 AM (0615).  You would think that all of this mental exercising would do wonders for my waistline.  Unfortunately it hasn’t.  I feel robbed and cheated.  I’d complain if it did any good.  At least I’m caught up for the most part.

Woo hoo, we are taking Friday off to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!  I wonder if my oldest would be upset if I take the gummys to a pub?  I kinda sorta suspect she would frown on that.  Maybe it would be OK if I promised to not let them drink green beer.  Green beer.  Ewwwwwww!  Who drinks that when I could give the girls a pint of Guinness?  Yeh, I suspect she wouldn’t go for the pint neither.

It’s warmed to a rather tropical and balmy 20F (-7C)  out there.  OMG!  Sweet Mon will wanna hop a jet and relocate to here.  Yeh, I’m betting she’d love this weather.  Not!  Don’t tease me sweet Mon.

I don’t have any large Swedish boulders to draw on with some chalk but here’s a pic taken with my iPhone this morning.  They’re going to town with pouring concrete floors.

Now I just have to think of a new question to post that would offend other people.  I’m sure it won’t take too much imagination to come up with something like that.

Feel free to comment, wave “Howdy Ho and Hey!” or remind me of how much of a bad man I am.  I can always blame Jason.  He’d just blame Gary anywho.  Has anyone seen or heard from Miss Trudy?  I been wondering if she’s buried under 40 feet of new snow in NYC now.