Question for you.

So there you are walking down on a sidewalk in your home town being perfectly well behaved and completely minding your own bizness. (yeh I know it’s a reach for some of you but stay with me here and use your imagination)  Suddenly, a big black limo comes to a screeching halt next to you.


A door suddenly flies open and now you’re face to face with Donald Trump.  He looks at you and says …

You look like a typical American who wants to make America great again.  I’m on my way to Hooterville and I have to talk to a bunch of good ol’ boys and I haven’t a clue what I should say to them.  I need your help because my staff is suddenly testifying to Congress about the Russian ambassador or something like that and since they are caught up with Congress, I have absolutely no one to tell me what to say.  Please give me two things that I should talk about.”

Now since you’re a good citizen who wants to exercise a civic duty and since he has these really big guys in black suits, white shirts, black ties, carrying really big guns and have absolutely no sense of humor you tell him …

Mister President, you should really tell those good ol’ boys _______________” (fill in the blank)

Now if it were me I’d tell him that he should tell them that Hillary should be appointed to some office since that would be a great thing for the country and how the Afford Care Act should not be repealed; it should be made better.  Then I’d ask if I could come along cuz I’d wanna see the reaction from the crowd.  I wonder if I should ask the Secret Service guys if I could borrow one of their Kevlar vests???

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  1. Besides him saying that this was all too much for him and that the doctor was right and he has an untreated case of advanced syphilis that has traveled to his brain and he is handing over his office to the person who won the popular vote because he is greatly unqualified, I really wouldn’t help him get gas.

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  2. Since he is not a very good extemporaneous speaker, I think he should talk about things he is intimately acquainted with such as; worldwide sex trafficking/prostitution/pornography and the gambling rackets. Seriously. 👍👍

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  3. If it was me, I’d say, “well mister president, you’ve chosen the worst possible person. I ain’t a talker and I know nothing about politics. (Imitating a southern accent). You’ll have to find someone else to talk all that gibberish for you.”

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  4. ‘You need to open with “wassup my niggahs” … then move into 1. an apology to all women worldwide, for being an asshole. 2. that you’ll be stepping down as potus and are giving the job to “Jim”. You need to close your speech with “As-salamu alaykum”.

    🙂 😉

    btw, I like these question things your doing … they stretch the imagination 😉 You’d make a most excellent potus 🙂

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