I was looking at my market list this afternoon …

And I noticed …

  • Milk
  • Choco milk
  • Oatmeal
  • Fruit
  • Nanners
  • Catnip
  • Cat treats
  • New cat toys

WTH???  Where did the last three come from?  That’s not my handwriting (actually it’s scribbling but why should I admit to that?)  I bet Miss Lily will have the audacity to act and claim innocence when I get home.

11 thoughts on “I was looking at my market list this afternoon …

    1. yeh these doggone big city cats are awfully needy.

      I’d usually say “damn” but you have young kids and Bright Side there and I wouldn’t want Bright Side to pick up any bad language. I’m not worried about the kids. They probably heard it all anywho.


    1. I had other words but I’m not sure I should use them. There may be some lil’ ol’ ladies, lil’ kids and priests around. the priests would read my name in the mass if they heard me use that kinda language.


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