What I like about this year.


We get some of that icky bad stuff and it usually doesn’t last very long.  Which is just pretty damn fine with me since people like me and Leslie and Anna and Trudy and everyone else have had just about as much of this white stuff as one can stand for a season.

Except for Tony and Roberta.  Yeh, I suspect Tony likes this stuff and Miss Roberta likes living in Norway and likes seeing this stuff for some reason.

And Miss C too.  Yeh, Miss C.  She gets a little tired of living in “The Land of Eternal Summer” but I dunno why.  Personally, I prefer warm air and sunshine over grey skies and cold yuck any day of the week.

But I digress.  C’mon Spring!!!  Melt away the Ice Maiden!!!

Well poo …


Isn’t this supposed to be some place else like Canada or the Arctic or Siberia or Colorado?  The good thing is that we didn’t get hit hard as compared to other places.  Another plus up is it isn’t the 1 – 2 feet of snow that’s forecasted to hit NYC.  The down side is it’s gonna be cold thru this coming Friday.  No planting on St. Patrick’s Day for this kid and it probably includes the rest of this month.

Well, it is what it is and we’ll stay positive that this is gonna go away eventually.  We’ll be back in the beds soon enough and getting them ready for late April and mid-May.