And this is called a “dusting of snow”


It’s not a lot other than a couple inches (5CM – 8CM) of that icky bad white stuff that floated down this afternoon.  We got it because it was too cold to rain.  This put my planting peas on St. Patrick’s Day out the window and my gardening back a couple weeks.  What the hey.  It’s central Minnesota and it’s to be expected this time of year.

I sure would like ti to be done for the season tho.

Let’s see who is around this Sunday

Let’s say you’re at home and completely minding your own bizness when suddenly …


Jason and Gary suddenly appear in a time machine.  They tell you that they will transport each of their followers one at a time to any point in time in the past or in the future to meet and talk with anyone of your choosing. (Ya see they really do have this huge following and these powers of persuasion)

So you ask them “How can you manage to do this given the large number of followers that you have?

And Jason says “We have a time machine so time really isn’t a problem.

And Gary says “Yeh but no meeting Tom Brady because he’s Jason’s nemesis and you only get 15 minutes cuz we have a lotta people to get thru before cocktail time.”

Who would you want to meet?

I would want to meet and talk with Charlie Chaplin to see what made his mind work.

Sunday Morning Thoughts


My phone alarm went off this morning and I rolled over and looked at my other alarm clock.  All I could think was “WTH??” before I rolled over and fell back to sleep.  It’s Sunday, right?  Who cares if I sleep in a tad.  It’s still cold and grey out there and the bed was warm and inviting.  It wasn’t until a bit later when I was actually up and moving and had a cup of java in my hand that I realized today we were to move our clocks an hour ahead.


No wonder it felt earlier than the clock read.  I hate clocks but I reset them anyway.  A clock on the stove to move ahead.  One on the microwave.  The clock beside my bed.  And finally there’s the cuckoo clock.  I had lost an hour of my life and I hadn’t even had my first cup of Sunday morning coffee finished.  Oh well.

I sat here checking the weather and the long range weather forecast.  I have Miss Anna’s Swedish weather right now.  The weather dude says that the icky bad white stuff is supposed to fall from the sky laster this afternoon.  Maybe we’ll get some tomorrow as well.  I wish this front would move out and go some place like Florida or North Carolina where they enjoy weather like this.  The weather is typical for central Minnesota but I’ll be the first to admit that I was spoiled by last year and had hoped we would get a repeat.

Maybe this is a cookie baking Sunday?