I have a question for you.

Let’s say you’re wandering around a second hand shop or an antique store or something along that line and you see one of those Aladdin oil lamps and you decide “Oh what the hell!” and you give it a couple quick rubs. (nice long run on sentence, huh?)


Out pops in a puff of blue smoke a genie who says “I am the Genie of the lamp and you are my new master/mistress.  Normally you would get three wishes but I’m afraid I am suffering economic setbacks due to certain policies set in place by the current administration.  I’m also afraid of being deporting without a hearing if the Feds find me so you only get one quick wish and then I’m gone like the breeze that flows out the south end of a north bound camel.

What would you wish for?

OK, some constraints:

  • No murder, mayhem or harm to others in particular lil’ kids.
  • No forcing someone to fall in love with you.
  • No bringing back the dead.  That’s too much like the forthcoming zombie apocalypse and it’s just plain creepy.
  • No wishing to be a lawyer either because that’s just like bringing back the dead.
  • No cheating and wishing for more wishes.
  • No wishing Jason and Gary would get along.  That’s part of the WP entertainment anywho.

This is a one shot deal, so make it creative.  You could wish that your ex was married to someone just like him/her.  Or you could wish that the genie would double the POTUS’ IQ to 40 which really isn’t much of an improvement but hey, that’s your wish.  I wonder if you could wish that your ex had to spend a weekend listening to the POTUS go on and on and on but now I wonder if that would be cruel and unusual punishment.  No matter.

As for me I would wish for a couple good cups of coffee … and me on a beach … watching the sun rise … in French Polynesia … with bunches of girlies in bikinis going up and down the beach … soon.  I’m not creative.  I’m cold and hungry.