Leslie is to blame just so you know


So we were passing some comments back and forth today (which later on kinda sorta reminded me of passing notes in class but that’s another story) about maybe trying to start planting some potatoes fairly soon if possible.  Now some of us don’t live in “The Land of Eternal Summer” or in the Blue Ridge or even down where they say “Ya’ll habla ingles?” so we have to make do with what warm weather time that we can get when it finally arrives.  So I passed on a couple thoughts to her that I had  that could kinda sorta maybe work in her part of Canada land.

But it got me thinking seeings how I have these two leftover Yukon Gold taters that are now sprouting some growth.   I would normally consider using them quick or tossing them but this question popped up in my pea brain and it asked “Could I start planting fairly soon if I applied some farm boy ingenuity?

So what’s the down side right now?

  1. It’s damn cold out there.
  2. All the garden soil that I turned last week has refrozen.
  3. It’s not projected to warm up until the middle of next week and the soil will need a couple weeks to thaw and warm up.
  4. It’s damn cold out there.

On the plus side is:

  1. Hey, I have this warm house.
  2. I have this grow light and I have timers sitting idle since Christmas is over and no Christmas lights are glowing right now.
  3. I have plenty of water.
  4. I have space that I can setup a couple saw horses and a piece of plywood so everything has a place to sit.
  5. I have lots of leftover landscaping fabric that I can use if I build some garden soil mounds.  Sun rays will love that black fabric.
  6. I have these two taters with space alien growth on them AND the movie “The Martian” has inspired me (less the part of farming in my own … well, you know).
  7. I think I need only 2 weeks, 3 weeks tops, if I could engineer some indoor gardening.  Then I could transplant in my garden bed once the cold temps settled down.
  8. Didn’t we grow a potato plant in a mason jar of water when were were in grade school?  (OK, that made my brain hurt thinking back to those Catholic school days when I was a good kid) (yeh, laugh it up on that one)

So we’re gonna try the 4th grade science project since it’s Leslie inspired.  Hey, nothing gained by not trying.  Maybe I can blame Jason and Gary if it doesn’t work.

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  1. Good idea! Go for it! Up here in north we often have to start garden plants inside if they should have a chance to grow up properly before winter comes again. Light, warmth and something to plant is what it takes so you are on the right track! “Pling”

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