Leslie is to blame just so you know


So we were passing some comments back and forth today (which later on kinda sorta reminded me of passing notes in class but that’s another story) about maybe trying to start planting some potatoes fairly soon if possible.  Now some of us don’t live in “The Land of Eternal Summer” or in the Blue Ridge or even down where they say “Ya’ll habla ingles?” so we have to make do with what warm weather time that we can get when it finally arrives.  So I passed on a couple thoughts to her that I had  that could kinda sorta maybe work in her part of Canada land.

But it got me thinking seeings how I have these two leftover Yukon Gold taters that are now sprouting some growth.   I would normally consider using them quick or tossing them but this question popped up in my pea brain and it asked “Could I start planting fairly soon if I applied some farm boy ingenuity?

So what’s the down side right now?

  1. It’s damn cold out there.
  2. All the garden soil that I turned last week has refrozen.
  3. It’s not projected to warm up until the middle of next week and the soil will need a couple weeks to thaw and warm up.
  4. It’s damn cold out there.

On the plus side is:

  1. Hey, I have this warm house.
  2. I have this grow light and I have timers sitting idle since Christmas is over and no Christmas lights are glowing right now.
  3. I have plenty of water.
  4. I have space that I can setup a couple saw horses and a piece of plywood so everything has a place to sit.
  5. I have lots of leftover landscaping fabric that I can use if I build some garden soil mounds.  Sun rays will love that black fabric.
  6. I have these two taters with space alien growth on them AND the movie “The Martian” has inspired me (less the part of farming in my own … well, you know).
  7. I think I need only 2 weeks, 3 weeks tops, if I could engineer some indoor gardening.  Then I could transplant in my garden bed once the cold temps settled down.
  8. Didn’t we grow a potato plant in a mason jar of water when were were in grade school?  (OK, that made my brain hurt thinking back to those Catholic school days when I was a good kid) (yeh, laugh it up on that one)

So we’re gonna try the 4th grade science project since it’s Leslie inspired.  Hey, nothing gained by not trying.  Maybe I can blame Jason and Gary if it doesn’t work.

5 for Friday


I was AWOL yesterday and it shows.  The best thing about today thus far is it’s the end of the work week.  Woo hoo!  Let’s get er done!

1. I picked up a new mobile phone and it was one problem after another setting it up.  Of course my provider was of zero help, so I took a gamble and made a run to the Apple Store at the MOA.  It was “Sure, no problem.  We can get you in to see someone in 15 minutes.”  It was more like 20 minutes waiting but guy who took care of me was a friggen genius solving one problem after another.  At the end of the day, all was well with my universe.  That’s why I buy Apple products.  Their store is nearby, they stand by their products, and their customer service at the store is second to none.  I’m sure their are horror stories out their but I’ve always been taken care of by that store.

2. It’s brrrrrrrr! out there.  No, you don’t want to know the actual temp.  Let’s just say it’s a single digit on the “F” scale.  Yeh that’s cold.  Hey!  It’s central Minnesota.  Where men are men and women are saying “Turn that damn thermostat up!”  Momma would have said “Put a sweater on if you’re cold.”  I tried that once.  It’s best you don’t know the end result of that ill thought out remark.

3. I thought the reflect of my desk lamp on my window was interesting.  Maybe it’s just me.

4. It’s a bread baking Saturday.  Maybe I’ll do some buried pork chops while I’m at it since this cold front won’t move out until Sunday or Monday.

5. I’m going to get my initial buy of garden seeds this weekend.  Yes, I have my hopes up but I know it’s too early right now given this recent cold front and given it’s not warming up early like it did last year.  We’ll keep our fingers crossed anyway and keep our hopes up.  Spring officially starts March 20th and that’s right around the corner.

There ya have it.  Feel free to comment and/or wave a vigorous “HOWDY!” as you pass thru.


Question for you

Let’s assume that some Fortune 100 company approached you and said they would foot the money to pay an “all expense paid” vacation for two weeks to anywhere in the world.  You pay nothing.  They provide the money for everything vacation related (which could include a $100 USD per day stipend for souvenirs and other vacation related crap that you just can’t live without when you’re looking at them).  The only thing you provide is you and whomever and a suitcase with clothes and your time.

I would go _______ (fill in the blank) and take _______ (fill in the blank) with me.

See I’m so tired of the snow and ice and cold and grey skies that I’d take my daughters, SILs and my gummys and go to French Polynesia for two weeks to play on the beaches and in the warm water just to warm back up again.