Question for you.

If $1,000 USD could buy me one thing, I would use it to __________ .  (fill in the blank)

I thought of a number of things that I’d like but what I’d like the most right now would be to have the capability to take away “ANY AND ALL” Twitter accounts from the POTUS for as long as he’s the POTUS.

Need I explain?

Hump Day Morning


 I’m trying to motivate myself this morning so I can get some actual work done today.  I can have my monthly audits done this morning if I would just focus but for right now focusing my brain on a particular task just doesn’t come easy.  I just feel like sitting here vegging out for a tad resting what remains of my sanity.  I started them yesterday only to stop due to the migraine headache that I had after reviewing some of last month’s awards.

God.  How much do we pay some of these people to produce this level of crap?  The taxpayers would revolt if they only knew.  I’ll bring the pitchforks, the tar and the feathers.  Isn’t there a liquor store down the street?  I wonder if it’s open this early in the morning?