Well poo!


It felt colder than a well digger’s butt out there this morning.  Not that I’m that personal with a well digger mind you but I guess you catch my meaning.  Welcome to central Minnesota where the weather teases you with Spring and then b***ch slaps you to remind you that this is central Minnesota and it will give up Winter whenever it damn well feels like it.

I figure we will have Spring come June.


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  1. Hehehe I shouldn’t laugh . I’m dreading our Winter for now I’m loving Autumn . We’ve had quite a few warm days this week. The sun has been out every day 😊

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      1. Zilch snow unless we drive up into the highlands about 3-4 hours drive away. Lowest temperature during the night is -1C maximum during day is 8-12C that’s cold 😊

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  2. I remember one year when your Spring did not get there till very very late May…
    Not that I am trying to dash your hopes. I really hope it gets nice real soon and stays that way because I am looking forward to your Spring planting blogs 🙂


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