It’s kinda blustery out there tonight


You can’t tell by the pic so you’ll just have to trust me on that one.  But it did feel like one of those early March days that I knew and grew up with when I was a kid in southern Iowa. The wind would blow and blow and the days would shift back and forth between warm and cold as winter slowly lost its grip and gave way to Spring.  We swore up and down that March was an Indian word meaning “mud” during this time of year.  It’s not really sexy; it’s just wet and muddy.

The temps are gonna take a dip thru Friday before they start heading north again.  It’s hard not to long for Spring when we’ve been putting up with kaa-kaa weather since last November.  We’ll stay optimistic since we know warmer days are ahead of us and will be here hopefully soon.

Well poo!


It felt colder than a well digger’s butt out there this morning.  Not that I’m that personal with a well digger mind you but I guess you catch my meaning.  Welcome to central Minnesota where the weather teases you with Spring and then b***ch slaps you to remind you that this is central Minnesota and it will give up Winter whenever it damn well feels like it.

I figure we will have Spring come June.