Monday Night


The first thunder storm of the new year hit us this evening.  It’s strange listening to the sound of thunder and lightning and rain hitting the windows once again.  It’s odd seeing a flash of light as the evening sky lights up from a bolt of lightning.  You don’t realize just how much you’ve missed something until it returns after a long absence.  It’s kind of refreshing when you think of it.  It’s something new versus watching that icky bad white stuff fall from the sky.

I worked on the one raised bed once again this afternoon after work.  The temps had risen to about 60*F (16C) and the frost level had dropped some more.  I know the garden soil is really, really cold but we were able to dig down even further than we did yesterday.  I suspect that I’d be able to dig down even further given the amount of rain that’s been falling for the past half hour but we’re still in no particular hurry.  All in good time and everything in its own time.

I’m looking forward to planting and hopefully I won’t have to wait very much longer.