Sunday Evening


Well, it’s not Spring here in central Minnesota but it was a fairly warm day.  Warm enough at least to where the gummys and I could do a little work on one of the raised beds.  One trellis was taken down, the support pipes pulled from inside the bed and everything stored for now.  Then we got to take some garden tools and we started turning the soil to help thaw it out.  They’re kind of learning that getting dirty from garden dirt is a good thing and can be a lot of fun.

We didn’t get very far; only 2″ – 3″ (5CM – 7,5CM) deep with our digging but we had a good time digging anyway.  The girls thought they were digging for worms until I showed them where the dirt was still deep.  They were mortified with the thought that the worms were frozen until I explained that they go deep to escape the frost.  They felt better after they heard that but were a little upset when I told them that the Robins like to eat the worms.  I had to explain to them that it was going to be quite a while before the worms in the beds would be anywhere close enough to the surface to attract the Robins to dinner.

Where did the weekend go?  It went by way too fast once again.

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