A Quote for Saturday



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      1. I would like to have a couple of those white barrel lenses that Canon makes but they are very pricey. a photographer friend suggested the Sigma and Tamron line as suitable substitutes. they seem to work fairly well.

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      2. Oh you should they are great I’ve taken them twice . Just had a refresher just a year or two ago. What I want to do is take another course. They have one where you go as a group down the great ocean road with two experienced photographers for the weekend. That way they show you the tips and you get to take photos of scenic sights . I also want to join a photography group.

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      3. Been paying from my own account or by cash from groceries money so no paper trail. Next bit might feed them chicken wings and mince πŸ˜‚ that’s what my dad did when he ran out of money . He used to pay for the groceries and mum the bills πŸ˜‚ pork mince is only $7/kg chicken wings $4/kg πŸ˜‚

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