I saw my first Robin today


In case you are not familiar with the concept, this is big s**t for those of us that live in the snow belt (or in “The Frozen tundra” as Miss C will refer to it as).  It’s a sign that Spring is either on the way or is here since these are migratory birds for the most part.  This means things are starting to warm up.

Five for Friday


OK, so it’s that time of week once again where I tax my brain.  I was told this is good for someone who is getting older.  I about smacked em for calling me “old”.

1. I look outside and I see that wonderful yellow glow as the sun rises in the east and rises above the rooftops.  Unfortunately it’s just the yellow glow and not a whole lotta warmth going with it.  It’s a rather tropical -11C (13F) out there.  Brrr!  Than the Gods this front is supposed to move out this weekend.

2. Wow!  It has to be almost Spring since I heard a robin chirping outside.  That’s definitely a good sign for us.

3.  I think I’ll try out a new sticky bun recipe this weekend.  Now I just have to find someone who will help eat them so I don’t end up blowing up like a balloon.

4. I’ll work on the one raised bed this weekend if the weather is warm enough.  I checked the long range weather forecast and I may still be on for planting peas on St. Patrick’s Day.  Maybe I can get some flags out and mark where I want that one sprinkler head relocated to.  I’m getting anxious to start gardening once again.

5. It amazes me that office drama tries to follow me when I work from home.  Distance is definitely a good thing.

OK, there ya have it.  Feel free to comment and or wave “Hey” as you skip by.  I want to see a pic or vid of you actually skipping if you claim that you skipped past.