Thursday Morning


Hey, it’s kinda cool out there this morning.  Yeh, I checked my Yahoo Weather app and it said it was a blazing 18*F (or about a -8C for the rest of you) which made me want to run home and get out my beach apparel.  Yes there was some obvious sarcasm in that thought.

But what the hey, the air is clear and the skyline looks almost kinda sorta almost perty good in the dark.  Yeh, there’s something about night shots that intrigues me even tho it was “Oh-dark-thirty” in the morning and I hadn’t had my first cup of coffee yet.  Not to worry tho.  my morning ritual is complete as I sit here pecking away at the keyboard with a second cup of Jow sitting here beside me.

Life is good. I get to read fascinating on-line stories such as this …

The lessons for we men to learn and burn into our memory when you are caught in a situation such as this are:

  1. When you know your wife has been drinking and has access to guns and knows how to use them, then the best comment to make is “Oh my gosh!  This is the best casserole I’ve ever eaten.”
  2. And when you notice that all the beer is gone and she’s been drinking and burned the casserole and has access to guns and knows how to use them, then the obvious comment to make would be “Honey, I’ll run out and get us a new cold pack.”

Momma didn’t raise no fool.



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15 thoughts on “Thursday Morning”

  1. It IS a good photo; gives the ‘feel’ of what it must be like outside….

    As for the cop; sounds like a case of just desserts to me….Her eyes in the photo have that ‘thousand miles away’ stare common to victims of abuse…. not uncommon in marriages where one or both are police… Stress kills, for sure and for certain… & not just the one with job stress.


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