Wednesday Night


It’s nice and quiet at my place tonight other than the sounds of the jets flying overhead on their way into MSP.  I was sitting at the table a little earlier and I was wondering why it was so cold inside until I looked outside.  Once again we had snow showers falling out of the sky.  It looked nice but I nudged up the furnace anywho just to warm up the place.  It can’t hurt this time of year.  There’s no sense in being cold if I can help it.

Random Thoughts for a new March

Well, that kid of mine made it safe and sound to Salt Lake City so Dad can actually relax now and get on with life.  I’m gonna miss that kid hanging around my house, eating my food and drinking all of my coffee but I know she will be alright.

We got to travel thru some morning snow flurries on the way to work this morning.  It was snowing because it was too cold to rain.  That’s typical for this time of year in central Minnesota.  We are once again back to “it’s cold-no it’s hot-no it’s cold-not it’s hot again” weather.  “In like a lion and out like a lamb”.  That’s March in central Minnesota but don’t count out “In like a lion and out like a lion as well”.  It stopped snowing around 7:00 AM (0700) anywho.

Yanno, I just realized that I left home this morning without my lunch.  It’s a nice one too.  I made a container with some smashed potatoes, gravy, green beans and roast beef slices.  It’s a good thing I left it in the fridge to keep it nice and chilled.  I guess that means sandwich day today.  Ugh!

I have my eye on a new camera lens but I tend to wonder if I’m being too frugal because I’m concerned with its cost.  My oldest said I was being cheap.  True but I remember eating soup every day and being grateful that we had it.

OK, time to get after some work this morning.