Five for Friday


Well, it’s that time of week once again and it’s time to take a stick and poke that squirrel powering up my brain.  Let’s see what happens.

1. Skies in central Minnesota are a tad bit “odd” at times.  I woke up this morning and looked out the front window to see clear skies.  I went off to get clean and sparkly and smelling good and lo and behold we now have grey skies.  Weird.

2. I’ve been watching the planter that I have (or “had”) my thyme in.  I forgot to bring it in last Fall and the frost got to it.  I wonder if it will come back this Spring?  I’ve been thinking about it and it surely winters elsewhere so why wouldn’t winter here?  Maybe our winters and frost are too severe for it.  We shall see what happens.  I can make the nursery run if I have to replace them.

3. After talking to #2, I’ve been thinking about making a herb box for outside so I can keep fresh herbs year round.  This isn’t the land of eternal summer but there surly is some way to make this work.  This is another project to research this year.  There’s always something to keep my mind busy.

4. I unplugged my heated bird bath a while ago and it was full of slushy water this morning.  I poured all that out and put fresh water in it for the Robins to dirty up.

5. Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day.  What’s the funniest prank that you ever pulled or was ever pulled on you?  The best prank pulled on me was I was to call Colonel Sanders at his home phone.  Being in the Air Force and given the fact that we actually had a Lieutenant Colonel Sanders on base, I made the call.  Then I found out that I had called KFC.  Ha ha!  Yeh right.  I let the air out of his car tires to get even.

There ya have it for this week. Feel free to comment and/or leave a naughty limerick if you want.

Question for you

So there I was standing out by the Eiffel Tower (hey, I’ve actually done it) completely minding my own business and being a great example of what a tourist should be like.  Yeh, I know it’s hard to believe but I was totally a poster boy of what a good Catholic kid would look like.  Suddenly this lady came up to me and said _______________. (fill in the blank)

Feel free to use your creative imaginations to your limit.

Being the notorious monoglot that I am, I have no earthly clue what she said in what ever language and all I could do is smile and say “Huh???

Thursday Morning


I love waking up to rain in the morning.  It’s so mucher betterer waking up to that versus waking up to that icky bad white stuff.  Plus I like the way that the light reflects and shines on the street.  It reminds me of the song lyrics out of  “Le Mis” where Eponine sings “the pavement shines like silver“.  That’s my first thought now for whatever reason whenever I see the light reflecting off of the streets and sidewalks.

Oh and they brought in the boom to pump concrete to the construction site next door.  Maybe it’s just me but I find it fascinating to watch it work.