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  1. Reality check…when it happens to you and someone else is saying goodbye. Ouch. Been there, done that, in both respects. Love that your advice was “not to piss her off”…so funny. We left for SLC from PA decades ago, one week after the wedding. My dad shook his hand and said “take care of her, boy”. A sweet moment I’ll never forget. Your house may feel empty, but that’s a good sign. You’ll be okay, Jim.

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  2. This made me kind of sad because as you know, I know all too well how it feels to have a daughter who moves clear across the country. Like 2600 miles away 😦 . But I think your girl will be fine. She has a good dad who I think probably raised he well and taught her right. I guess the only comfort is she didn’t move directly out of your house to someplace far away, so you had a bit of a transition. And you know, as I found out, “far away” is just a plane flight away or a LONG drive in the car. ♥♥

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      • The life long riddle, did I do the right things? I think most of us do in some ways, we just don’t figure it out that easy. It the small things we do that counts probably, but we don’t notice them so we don’t think they matter, but they do. All the little things together makes us do the right thing when we sum up. “Pling”

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  3. I remember my Dad slipping me some money when we moved up north. I went alone with our older daughter, who was a baby at the time. The money came in very handy. That was a good thing that you did, Jim. Thank you.

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