Hump Day Night


I’ve been thinking a lot about the snow storm that is headed our way; not that I can do much about it anyway.  I’ve also been thinking about how unfair Mother Nature can be by teasing us with all of this sun and warm weather and snow and ice melting only to smack us around back to reality and covering everything up once again.  It’s one helluva way to exit a February and slide into a new March.

I’m not meant to be living this far north yet I am and I tend to wonder what on earth possessed me to move here in the first place.  Then that part of my brain that likes to ridicule me mocks me with a reply of “Cuz you had family here and you missed them.  Now, how about that weather here?  Hmm?  Hmm?”  I really hate it when my brain mocks me.  I thought it was on my side.

As for the snow, I suppose it will be good for the lawn.

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