About last night


So I was laying in bed last night all snuggled in listening to the rain outside and I hear a couple light pounding sounds against the wall.

“What was that?”

“It was nothing brain.  Go back to sleep.”


“There it goes again.  What was it?  Is someone trying to get in the house?”

“No brain.  It’s nothing.  It’s probably some sound echoing against the house.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“I’m not.  I’m just saying it was probably some sounds that are echoing.”

“So it could be anything.”

“Yeh.  I suppose so brain.  Now shut up and go to sleep.”

“But what if it were space aliens?”

“It wasn’t space aliens.”

“How do you know?  Did you go look?”

“No brain and I’m not getting out of this bed.”


“There it goes again.  What if it’s some crazy lunatic who would get in the house and then slice your throat with a knife.  What would you do then?”

“Probably bleed to death.”

“You need to go look.”


“OK, I looked and there’s nothing out there.  No lunatics with a knife.  No space aliens trying to abduct me.  No Bigfoot.  No zombies.”

“What if it was Donald Trump?”

“Where the f**k did that come from??  STFU brain before I douse you in alcohol to make you shut up.”

We somehow managed to get some sleep after that.





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    1. what do I need a “him” for? a “him” is of no use to me. and I’ve seen where the Mounties have been catching people at the border and they weren’t even wearing their red coats. how disappointing. I want a Mountie in a red coat to meet me so I feel welcomed. 🙂

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