These anti-immigrant demonstrations are clearly getting out of hand.


It’s probably fake news anywho.


44 thoughts on “These anti-immigrant demonstrations are clearly getting out of hand.

      1. I have friends who work in the plate glass industry. they say they get the hell out of the way if a panel gets out of control. I can only imagine what one would sound like if it hit something or someone.

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    1. would you like to keep him? no really, it would be fine by a number of us if you kept him there. you can call it the spirit of Christmas giving or something. maybe we can throw in a bottle of wine or a quiche or something to help sweeten the deal.

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      1. I´ll ask Mrs {Dithering} Maybe what she can do, offering an oversized, over expensive necklace might work. Have you seen the stuff that hangs round her neck? Must give her backache.

        Fortunately being as Spain is home for us, the Spanish would just say “eff off” No debate, no dithering, no being used as a puppet on a string.
        Notice how he hasn´t even attempted to visit any other EU country? He´s a coward and he daren´t as yet.

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