I wanna get my hopes up.

I love the rain this time of year.  It washes away the dirt and grime that accumulated over the winter.  It helps make it all new and fresh once again.  It helps to melts away the last of the snow and ice.  It makes me want to put the last of this winter to bed.  But I know this won’t last for long.  This is still central Minnesota and it’s still February.  We still have March to go and maybe even into April.  But I can keep hoping that it’s almost over.



I’ve been sitting here catching up on emails, reading posts and sipping on some coffee as the sun rises off in the east.  OK, I’m assuming that the sun rose in the east because we went from dark and grey skies to lighter and grey skies.  That and it tried to rain last night.  I can tell because the sidewalk out front of my place is wet which kinda sorta screwed up a couple of my plans for today.

The geese must be heading north once again because I heard a flock pass close by.  I could have sworn that I heard a couple robins singing away yesterday in the sunlight but maybe that was just wishful thinking.  It’s still February in central Minnesota.  I’m not living in southern Iowa where the Spring can come early.  I checked my Yahoo Weather app on my iPhone and “Yep” that icky bad stuff is forecasted to appear later this week.  The Ice Maiden doesn’t give up so easily in this part of the Hundred Acre Wood.

Back to the coffee and the task at hand.  Today is “Tax Awareness Day” for me.  The day when I find out just how much more in taxes that I owe the POTUS, Governor Dayton and Governor Branstad.  I live for these days when I find out just how much more of my money I get to give to the Government. It’s almost like Christmas with me wondering what we bought with all that money that is collected.

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t have a problem with tax dollars going into programs like education, maintaining infrastructure, helping the poor, provided health care to those in need and programs such as that.  That tells me our priorities are right and we’re doing the right thing.  It’s when our priorities are all wrong and we’d rather spend money on wasteful things like building stupid walls and maintaining additional security in a private buildings is where I have a problem.  But enough on that and this is becoming political and it’s not what I want on this site.

Back to the coffee and wondering where the sun is out today.  “Yes” I know it’s out in the Land of Eternal Summer.