The front windows are open once again and fresh air is streaming in once again.  It’s been so long since I’ve had them opened.  I’d have to go back to previous posts to check but I’m sure it was sometime around last Halloween.  Winter is starting to tail off here and hopefully this Swedish weather we’re having will continue.

Today is a bread baking day and it’s rising away on top of the stove.  They never raise the same.  That’s namely because I don’t have a scale so I can even out the weight of each loaf.  But it’s all good cuz I’m in no hurry today.  I have plenty of timers anywho, so it’s really no big deal if they all don’t get finished baking at the same time.  That and the smell of of fresh bread baking will last longer in the house which is just fine by me.

One maintenance chore for this weekend which will mean a quick trip to my store of dreams.  I love that place.