Five for Friday

OK, so here we are once again where one side of my brain is trying to dominate the other.  One side wants to put something down in electrons and the other is pretty much “Chill and relax.  It’s Friday.

1. It’s gonna be 67*F here in central Minnesota.  It’s February and it’s gonna be 67* here.  Incredible.  I should be all bundled up against the cold and fighting off polar bears whenever I roll my trash bin down to the curb.  I’m watching whatever snow and ice that I have in my yard rapidly disappear.

2.  My indoor chores for the winter are all done now.  Now what am I gonna do with my free time?  I hafta make a new list of projects.  Maybe this would be a good weekend to make some jelly.

3. Woo Hoo!  This is a long weekend for me!  Too bad the next one is a long way off.

4. I got another catalog from Burpee’s in yesterday’s mail.  I think they’re trying to tell me that it’s time to start planning my garden for this year.  I guess they don’t realize that gardening season really doesn’t get into ful swing here until around late May.  I’m still planning on planing my first round of peas come St. Patrick’s day provided none of that icky bad white stuff is on the ground.  I still have another raised bed to build as well.

5. I just realized that I’ve been sitting here looking out my home office window for I dunno how long instead of focusing on the task at hand.  Pay attention Jim.

OK, there ya have it.  Feel free to comment and/or leave an exuberant “Howdy Hey!” if you would like.


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