So I’m sitting here waiting for the staff meeting to begin …


And I’m fairly bored since I’m all caught up.  So what exactly have I been doing instead of work?  I’ve been doing some research on some good home telescopes and pricing them on Amazon.  I’m somewhat fascinated by the early morning night sky and all of the planets and constellations that are viewable whenever the clouds depart and we have clear skies here in central Minnesota.  It doesn’t happen that often during the winter but we do have clear morning skies from time to time.

I’ve lately been checking to see what’s visible as I walk to the train platform and waiting patiently for the train.  I mean, what else is there to do while you’re waiting other than trying to keep from freezing?  It’s kind of fascinating looking up and locating Jupiter or Mars or Venus or Mercury or whatever I’m looking for in the morning sky.  Well, it’s fascinating to me at least.  It’s too bad we have all of this light pollution around here and all of the trees crowding the horizon.

This is where I miss living on the high prairies of South Dakota and being to get up on a ridge and seeing for miles with little to no light pollution.  OK, back to waiting for the staff meeting and listening to the construction workers on the floor above us doing their demo work.


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  1. That’s funny, I just got my telescope out last week as I love watching the sky and there have been some really bright stars/planets in the sky lately, especially early evening. I had to order a new eye piece because for some reason it is missing. Dang kids of mine haha.

    Enjoy your day

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