Questions for Wednesday Morning


So I’m sitting here sipping on my first cup of Java and I have had some questions that have ran thru my head this morning such as …

I see a number of cars driving in the morning that have a burnt out headlight.  What are they gonna do when the other headlight burns out?  Are they gonna keep driving or will they actually break open their wallet and go to Pep Boys for a new headlight?  It seems kinda sorta silly to me to see these cross overs that sell for like $28K+ USD  and they only have one working headlight.  I kinda sorta expect it when I see an old Ford but not a fairly new ride.

Is it me or do the keys on this new keyboard seem kinda stiff?

They can put a man on the moon.  Why can’t they create an auto-refill coffee cup?  Beer mugs and wine glasses too while they’re at it.

Why do I keep getting these emails that try to get me to order some of that Canadian Viagra?  What’s the deal?  Is there a surplus of this drug up there?

Back to my morning coffee and getting some actual work done.  Feel free to comment and/or leave an “Hola Jim!” if you are so inclined.


69 thoughts on “Questions for Wednesday Morning

    1. You get hot Brazilian babes and Dewy gets Russian and Asian babes? and all I get is Canadian Viagra??? it seems to me one would go with the other and I’m getting only half of the equation. I am getting so cheated here.


  1. I only ever have one working headlight 😂 for some reason the one on the right always burn itself out. So if hubby don’t check for me I drive around with only one on and wouldn’t notice anything amiss 😂


    1. A Perfectmindstorm

      Oh yeah, I think people don’t realize their headlight is burned out because they are in the car when they turn them on. Heck for all I know, I might have a burnt out headlight. I better check that.
      As for that question about the viagra…. I’m not touching that one, no sireee Bob, I mean Jim. Maybe you can clue me in though 😉

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      1. tel you??? I’m lost here. yanno, I’m just a poor ol’ country boy from Iowa and you are one of them genteel southern plantation ladies and I’m not used to your big city ways.


      1. A Perfectmindstorm

        I won’t tell anyone. They wouldn’t believe it anyway. I have been to the space center museum and saw the moon lander thingamajig. It did leave me with questions…

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  2. I’m with you on the auto refill coffee cup! Whats with that?? Or the lack of that! And … they send me emails for viagra too!??!! I suppose at least the company that makes it isn’t gender specific with their advertising 🙂

    Have a great day Jim and may your coffee cup be forever full 🙂

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  3. portapatetcormagis

    Buenas días, Jim! Qué tal?

    New keyboards are a pain. Poor you! Yes, your writing just reads as written with a new keyboard 😉

    Be careful what you wish for! Last time someone asked for easy coffee refill they came up with that instant stuff O.o

    Hasta luego, muchacho 🙂

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      1. portapatetcormagis

        😀 Yep, ewwwwwww!
        I have some emergency instant coffee in my desk drawer next to the emergency chocolate bunny (yes, it’s still there). The instant stuff is much less endangered ^^

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      1. What!!??
        😁😂😂😂Where I stay, there is nothing like snow… Just some crazy harmattan, and we’re done with that. The sun here is quite brutal, I believe I’ll take the snow to it any time.
        I live in Nigeria.

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      2. Switzer…what!??😁
        Hmm… Harmattan. Pardon me. I’m not using the dictionary now.
        So it’s this very cold period in the year where it’s just so so cold, and then you have white lips and all of that. Yeah. I can be part of the contributors for a dictionary 😄


  4. Sorry… all those queries are too deep for me this time of the morning…. Though I have already contemplated my six impossible things, this just stretches until it hurts…

    Next time, maybe, we’ll discuss these complex issues…


    gigoid, the dubious

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