Questions for Wednesday Morning


So I’m sitting here sipping on my first cup of Java and I have had some questions that have ran thru my head this morning such as …

I see a number of cars driving in the morning that have a burnt out headlight.  What are they gonna do when the other headlight burns out?  Are they gonna keep driving or will they actually break open their wallet and go to Pep Boys for a new headlight?  It seems kinda sorta silly to me to see these cross overs that sell for like $28K+ USD  and they only have one working headlight.  I kinda sorta expect it when I see an old Ford but not a fairly new ride.

Is it me or do the keys on this new keyboard seem kinda stiff?

They can put a man on the moon.  Why can’t they create an auto-refill coffee cup?  Beer mugs and wine glasses too while they’re at it.

Why do I keep getting these emails that try to get me to order some of that Canadian Viagra?  What’s the deal?  Is there a surplus of this drug up there?

Back to my morning coffee and getting some actual work done.  Feel free to comment and/or leave an “Hola Jim!” if you are so inclined.