Random Thoughts for Tuesday Morning

Well poo!  I forgot my yogurt this morning.  There’s nothing like forgetting something that totally disrupts your morning routine.  I guess that means that I slide out for a morning breakfast sandwich in an hour or so.

My sister sent me a text letting me know that she was “let go” by her firm.  What a nice way of saying that you were terminated.  Does that make it easier on her by using that expression?

What a mess with that damn in California.  I find it somewhat ironic that there is a water shortage there and millions of gallons of water has gone over the spillway.

Mmmmmm!  Coffee!  The elixir of life.  Those first couple sips are excellent.  I only wish that it would fire up that side of my brain meant for coming up with something to write I’m sure something else will pop into my grey matter later on today.

8 responses to “Random Thoughts for Tuesday Morning

  1. I think that is a dam in California, but I am sure someone is damning someone about that whole mess with the dam . I hope it does not become a major catastrophe . My brother lives down from where it is just outside Sacramento. I think he is safe, but I don’t know if the whole thing gave way, I heard there could still be a five foot wall of water that far down.

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  2. “… I’m sure something else will pop into my grey matter later on today.” When I’m at a loss or forget an idea something usually does “PoP” later but usually when I’m in the shower. I call it my thinking place. ~~dru~~

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