Monday Morning


Freeze – Thaw.  Freeze – Thaw.  Freeze – Thaw.  Welcome to February in central Minnesota.  Things are looking pretty nasty out there now that the snow and ice is no longer pristine looking.  The ground is patches of snow and bare ground and I bet the ground looks like a speckled hen from the air.  It will be nice to get thru these next couple of weeks and get into March.

In the meanwhile, have they ever found Brady’s jersey?  Does anyone really care?  I have this theory that Jason was at the game and somehow managed to smuggle it out of the stadium.  Hey, it could happen.


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7 thoughts on “Monday Morning”

  1. So fun to see Jason get blamed!
    About the weather…it’s awful. Our yard is wet and muddy. Years ago we used to dump old potting soil in the back corner of our yard. It is now a thick, slippery mess. Liezel rolled her favorite toy into it and it got sucked in. She was covered in mud from retrieving it. Covered!
    My Dad brought some mulch over yesterday and spread it out over the thickest mud. Mulching in February!?
    The worst part is that it’s going to freeze and thaw again and again so it’s like having multiple Springs and the muddy dog that comes with it.

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