Art Sunday #109: John Ferren – The Desert


John Ferren (1905–1970) was an American artist. In his 20s, he apprenticed as a stonecutter in San Francisco, California. He is Bran Ferren’s father. He is noted for his success in France as an American artist. Writer Gertrude Stein said of him “Ferren ought be a man who is interesting, he is the only American painter foreign painters in Paris consider as a painter and whose paintings interest them. He is young yet and might do . . . that thing called abstract painting.”

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14 responses to “Art Sunday #109: John Ferren – The Desert

  1. I find this a very masculine work of art. The lines are mostly straight and functional. It looks like the design for some gizmo.
    Now Jim, I post my art work on Wednesdays. I will dedicate this Wednesday’s painting to you so you’d better check it out. It is definitely feminine.

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