29 comments on “Today I aspire to be a painter

  1. You’re a painter with your camera. Thanks for mentioning me along the great painters. I’m not there yet, but if I get a couple of hundred years practice I might get to their level 😉 “pling”

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  2. I love painting – walls, that is. I’d love to paint pictures, but no matter how hard I try, they look like they were done by a 2-year-old. At least with walls, it doesn’t matter a whole lot if your strokes aren’t perfect. Good luck, Jim, hope the color you pick looks the same on the wall as it did in the store.

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  3. Enjoy your painting. I hate to paint, but it seems every couple of years or so, I decide to paint a room whether it needs it or not. The bad thing is, if I paint one room, it makes the other rooms look like they need to be painted and it never ends. But nothing like the satisfaction of finishing the job.
    Oh, I prefer Mr. Valspar and he did not even get honorable mention in your post !

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      • I have a choice between Lowes and Home Depot so I can choose paint. I have just had good luck with Valspar so I go to Lowes for paint, but I really like Home Depot because the people they have working there actually know a thing or three

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      • I have a choice between Home Depot and Menards and Menards won’t give me a military discount so I say “Cya Menards!”


  4. By the look in Miss Lily’s eye, I would suggest keeping her AWAY from whichever room you are painting today; she could make the clean-up job quite a bit more complicated, I think… and looks in the mood to do so, just to watch the melt-down…

    Personally, I think painting is superfluous; given time, all colors change, either by fading, or inadvertent staining, or can be covered with art …. Good enough for me…


    But, some folks enjoy it, like gardening, I hear… so, enjoy the weekend….


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    • I had a couple dings to patch and touch up and then discovered that I had forgotten the leftover paint that I had for touch up separated was thrown out a couple years back. and since I forgot which brand, type and colour I had used, I get the joy of redoing all of it now.

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