Today I aspire to be a painter


And “No” I won’t be a painter along the lines of such notable painters such as Rembrandt, Picasso, Renoir, Matisse or Miss Anna.  No, I have no such creative capabilities such as those artists.  Shoot, I can barely draw a straight line with the aid of a ruler.  No, I aim be a painter along the lines of Mr. Sherwin, Mr. Williams, Mr. Glidden and Mr. Behr.  Yes, I have a room to paint this weekend.  But first my Saturday morning coffee which will be followed by a shower so I can get all clean and sparkley and smelling good.  Which is dumb considering I’ll probably get a tad sweaty from the effort and a tad bit covered in some latex paint and I’ll hafta take a shower all over again.  Such are the pitfalls and dangers of living the dazzling south metro urbanite life style.

And Miss Lily could care less what I’m painting and what colour the walls will be just as long as I don’t interrupt or delay her feeding schedule.


29 responses to “Today I aspire to be a painter

  1. You’re a painter with your camera. Thanks for mentioning me along the great painters. I’m not there yet, but if I get a couple of hundred years practice I might get to their level 😉 “pling”

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  2. I love painting – walls, that is. I’d love to paint pictures, but no matter how hard I try, they look like they were done by a 2-year-old. At least with walls, it doesn’t matter a whole lot if your strokes aren’t perfect. Good luck, Jim, hope the color you pick looks the same on the wall as it did in the store.

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  3. Enjoy your painting. I hate to paint, but it seems every couple of years or so, I decide to paint a room whether it needs it or not. The bad thing is, if I paint one room, it makes the other rooms look like they need to be painted and it never ends. But nothing like the satisfaction of finishing the job.
    Oh, I prefer Mr. Valspar and he did not even get honorable mention in your post !

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  4. By the look in Miss Lily’s eye, I would suggest keeping her AWAY from whichever room you are painting today; she could make the clean-up job quite a bit more complicated, I think… and looks in the mood to do so, just to watch the melt-down…

    Personally, I think painting is superfluous; given time, all colors change, either by fading, or inadvertent staining, or can be covered with art …. Good enough for me…


    But, some folks enjoy it, like gardening, I hear… so, enjoy the weekend….


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    • I had a couple dings to patch and touch up and then discovered that I had forgotten the leftover paint that I had for touch up separated was thrown out a couple years back. and since I forgot which brand, type and colour I had used, I get the joy of redoing all of it now.

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