Friday Wrap Up


We survived another work week without killing anyone or getting fired.  I made the run to the market so there is food in the cupboards.  A new bunch of flowers occupies the middle spot in the front window.  I got a haircut.  Petey has a full tank of gas.  The bills are paid and I still have a couple nickels to rub together.  So I guess it all ended up on the plus side.  Then again, there was this 4 year old who was having a complete melt down of a temper tantrum at the market.  I suppose he was just too tired and too hungry and cooperating with Mom and Dad was the last thing on his mind.  Poor lil’ guy.

Thank the Gods I turned that “having and raising kids” side of the family business over to someone a helluva lot younger than me.  I’d be going thru a lot of Grey Goose if I still had to be in that part of the franchise.

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