It’s Friday Night!


I’m home and I’m cleaning the stove.  Whoa!  Slow down there kid.  This dazzling south metro urbanite lifestyle moves kinda fast at times and it never takes “No” for an answer.  The next thing you know I’ll be cleaning floors.

Now all I need is some sex goddess along the lines of a Judy Tenuta to turn me into her stud puppet.  Yanno, I’m just a poor ol’ country boy.  I don’t know just how much longer I can live life in this fast lane that I’m currently in.

Friday Wrap Up


We survived another work week without killing anyone or getting fired.  I made the run to the market so there is food in the cupboards.  A new bunch of flowers occupies the middle spot in the front window.  I got a haircut.  Petey has a full tank of gas.  The bills are paid and I still have a couple nickels to rub together.  So I guess it all ended up on the plus side.  Then again, there was this 4 year old who was having a complete melt down of a temper tantrum at the market.  I suppose he was just too tired and too hungry and cooperating with Mom and Dad was the last thing on his mind.  Poor lil’ guy.

Thank the Gods I turned that “having and raising kids” side of the family business over to someone a helluva lot younger than me.  I’d be going thru a lot of Grey Goose if I still had to be in that part of the franchise.

Five for Friday

So I’m sitting here on another cool February morning in central Minnesota sipping once again on a cup of coffee as everything around me starts to wake up.  I hopefully have enough caffeine in me to make my brain operate correctly.  So here it goes.

1. Last night started off so nice with clear skies and the moon came out nice and full.  Then the grey clouds started moving in and they eventually shut out the moon.  No February Snow Moon for me I guess.  And now I find out that I’d need a telescope to view the comet.  Why even mention the comet if you can’t see it with your own eyes?  Ugh!

2. I hate drama at work and they’re at it once again.  Thank the Gods I work from home today and Monday.  Thank the Gods that I have an office door that I can close.  I think I’ll make up a sign that reads something like “Drama Free Zone Beyond This Point.  Park It Outside This Door“.

3. Mmmmmmm!  I just love a cup of fresh coffee in the morning.  It’s the elixir of life.

4. I have to make a run to my store of dreams later today for a gallon of paint.  It’ time to work on this office/bedroom and get the walls repainted.  That is my weekend project now.

5. I forgot to bring in my planters of thyme, rosemary and sage last Fall and they all look so forlorn sitting there on my deck.  I wonder if they are gone or if they will come back.  I guess we will know once Spring arrives.  I can get replacements at the nursery if I have to.  I wonder if I can build an outdoor hotbed for them so I have them year round.  It’s something to research.

There, that wasn’t so bad.  Feel free to comment and/or do your best Julia Child imitation with her “Hello!” when you pass thru.  One of her “Bon apetit!” will work too.