It’s just another typical February night in central Minnesota.


It’s nothing fancy and nothing unusual.  It’s nothing dazzling nor is it anything to write home to Mom about.  It’s nothing that you would find on a post card which is kind of dumb now that I actually think about what I just wrote.  I mean, do they even sell post cards any more?  Where do you even buy them any more?  I think they last time that I saw any I was going down the Rhine and I was on my way to Amsterdam.

Where was I?  Oh yeh.

It’s cold out there right now.  It’s “chill-to-the-bone” cold out there.  I had an errand to run after work and I stopped for some dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant so I was late getting home.  It was dark when I went out to refill the bunny’s feed dish and I scared it off.  I’d sure it doesn’t want to pass up any more free meals so I’m sure it will be back soon enough.

The outside air seems thinner for whatever reason and probably it’s due to the Arctic cold.  The jets flying overhead that are on their way into MSP sound as if they’re a lot closer than they actually are.  The weather forecast says we can expect overcast skies for a while so there goes viewing the “Snow Moon” and the comet.  I guess that’s the way things go when you live here.