Random Thoughts for Tuesday Evening


I started this and deleted what I put down and then wrote something else which I deleted as well and then wrote something else yet again and deleted that as well.  It was just like that Tom Hanks scene in “You’ve Got Mail” and I’m sure with similar facial expressions as I deleted away.  I hate it when my brain freezes up like that.

I was looking up recipes for broasted chicken and I noticed most called for a pressure cooker.  Wow!  I would have an actual use for a pressure cooker but do I actually need one?

I crack up every time I see that Kia Eco Warrior commercial.  I keep thinking that it’s situations that my oldest would get herself caught up in.

I took a little journey back in time after work when I was cleaning some old unused files off of my desktop.  I was just poking around and found some pics that I took quite a while ago and then uploaded them into a folder that I conveniently forgotten about.  It was kinda fun to sit back and look at the pics of the gummys when they were toddlers and when I was moving into this place and pics of some of my travels when I worked for the Army.  I miss those days when I look at the pics.  Yayayayayayaya, I know we tend to romanticize the past.