The Day After the Super Bowl


Well that was disappointing but my pick of Atlanta over New England is consistent with most of my other college football and pro play-off picks; mostly wrong.  It’s a good thing that I didn’t have any money on any of these games as I’d end up broke and in the poor house.  Ugh!

So now we enter into the last third of our winter season here in central Minnesota.  This is also what I call “The Dirty Part of Winter” because of all of the melting and then freezing and then re-melting and then re-freezing of the ice and snow.  It’s lost its glamour now and no longer has the clean and fresh look that it once had in December and in January.  The snow and ice is grey and crusty and is generally just plain unappealing to your eyes.

We need some March rains to wash it all away and make everything fresh and clean once again.

21 responses to “The Day After the Super Bowl

  1. Sounds like me when I footy tip. I pick the team that’s a stronger team. If the play away and the two teams are similar in position on the ladder then I’d pick the home team. If I still can’t decide then I’d pick the team with the less injuries 😂 and I still sux at tipping 😂 because my team is usually bottom of the ladder with the wooden spoon 😂

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  2. Lovely pink sky 🙂 I picked Atlanta too , but I am not really into sports so I’m not crying about it this morning LOL.

    March will be here in 22 days. Hang in there ♥

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