I had a visitor today.

So I’m working away at cleaning that icky bad white stuff off my driveway when some movement caught my eye.  This flew in and perched in my crab apple tree outside my front door.  It just perched there looking at me with this attitude of “Well, where’s your camera?”  It patiently waited for me to go inside and grab it.  I managed to get three quick pics before it flew off.  What a magnificent animal.


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  1. Wow, those birds are awesome to see. I had one sitting eating a poor little bird outside our window in September. You better warn your birds at the feeder, there’s a new bird in town 😉 “pling”

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  2. I have tons of pictures of hawks that land on my fence or up on the roof or on the power pole. There are about three of them that come around most everyday. Even though I see them often, it is quite thrilling to get the pictures of them. They actually will let you get quite close to them. I don’t think they are afraid of people at all.

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