1st of February

February cheats with its blue skies and yellow sun.  It shines thru your windows with a warming glow which feels good on aching muscles and a cold body.  It lulls you into a false sense that it’s nicer outside than it really is.  It gives some hope to those of us that live in central Minnesota that a new Spring isn’t that far away and it’s time to get serious consideration to planning your garden.  It starts to lift up your soul and mood once again and then you go outside and reality and the cold shakes you wide awake.  Brrr!

But it’s OK and it’s all good.  January is over with its grey skies and bitter cold and seeing February welcome me today with blue skies and a yellow sun which was a welcomed relief.

I had a visitor today.

So I’m working away at cleaning that icky bad white stuff off my driveway when some movement caught my eye.  This flew in and perched in my crab apple tree outside my front door.  It just perched there looking at me with this attitude of “Well, where’s your camera?”  It patiently waited for me to go inside and grab it.  I managed to get three quick pics before it flew off.  What a magnificent animal.