Hmmmm …


Yeh, I think I’d much rather watch this on TMC than watch the address by the POTUS.  It’s been a long winter and I need some entertainment right now.


My house seems so empty now


Boogie and her beau left a short while ago driving off down the road in her Vee Dub.  Off on a new adventure to explore life together and hopefully for a long time together.  You never know any more.  I’ll just cross my fingers and knock on  wood and always hope for the best.

My house seems so empty now.  Let me add to that thought.  She’s in her early 30’s and has been living on her own for a number of years now so it’s not like this is anything new or it’s a new experience.  But she was living here in the metro area and we got together a number of times every month.  Now she will be living half a country away.

It seems odd to me.  I know that men and women have left and moved away from their families for ions.  Me and my brothers did it to Momma when we left home for the military so we joined a very long but distinguished list when we did that to her.  But this is odd to me in the sense that it’s happening to me and not to someone else.  This house feels strangely empty now.

I know she will be alright.  I asked her how much cash she had with her knowing there wasn’t that much in her wallet since she likes her debit card.  I slipped her a bunch of 20’s and told her it was for food along the way.  She said she didn’t need it but I told her it was “Dad peace of mind money” and to quit arguing.

So I’m on to the next phase of my life.  I have always wondered if I taught my girls the right life lessons.  I told her beau to not piss her off.  Boogie has an awesome right hook.

Art Sunday #111: Alice Bailly – Self Portrait


Alice Bailly (25 February 1872 – 1 January 1938) was a radical Swiss painter, known for her interpretations on cubism, fauvism, her wool paintings, and her participation in the Dada movement. In 1906, Bailly had settled in Paris where she befriended Juan Gris, Francis Picabia, and Marie Laurencin, avant-garde modernist painters who influenced her works and her later life.

Bailly’s most famous work is said to be her painting titled “Self Portrait,” painted in 1917. The painting represents a more avant-garde approach to self-portraits than was normally accepted at her time. The painting incorporates many styles. Her three-quarter-turned pose indicates a traditional self-portrait, while the red, orange and blue hues show Fauve influences. When looking at her arms and hands, the arching lines represent the influence of Italian Futurist art.


24 Hours Later


It’s a small coating of the icky bad white stuff but one does have to admit that it makes things look a bit more interesting wouldn’t you say?  Tough break southern Minnesota but I have to admit it was better you than me.

Oh yeh, and this is in keeping with a couple of Miss Anna’s posts where she posted some pics to show she got some of the same thing an ocean away.  It’s bad for people like us who live in the snow belt.  I’d rather live in the bikini belt cuz that sounds so much warmer but I think I’d look awfully damn funny in a bikini.  Maybe I should live in a kayak belt.  Yeh, a kayak belt. I know I’d look better in a kayak versus a bikini.